I've lost 6 pounds! YAY! No, I'm not on the Atkins plan like all the rest of the women in my office. I can't be on it - I take meds that overwork my kidneys already. Nope. I'm on the Milkmaid Special eating plan... It goes something like this:

Gee. Do you think that bag of Doritos will look good on your ass?

I eat oatmeal for breakfast. Soup or a sandwich and fruit for lunch. Nice dinner, with meat, veggies, salad - pretty much whatever I want, within reason.

Here's the trick. (No, I don't vomit it all up again - duh!) I found really good snacks. That's my problem. I snack all day long. Not snacking is out of the question, so I have to find good ones. Satisfying snackage is the key.

Apples. Apples are good - well, good apples are good. Breyer's fruit popsicles - Exxxxxcccellent!. Good n Plenty candies are awesome! Because if you eat too many, you don't get fat - you get diarrhea! (Win/win!)

Two best snacks of all so far: Baked Ruffles I can eat 10 of those a day, and Diet Vanilla Coke - Yowza!

Oh, and I have to walk Reggie at least twice a day to continue to lose weight.


My child came out of her therapist's office last evening, with a "Christian Rock" CD. You know, the one they advertise on cable every five minutes. Yeah. She's thinking she'd like to explore Christianity a bit. She asked me if she could go to church on Sunday - a Christian, rather than Unitarian church. Hell, I told her I'd be happy to drop her off in front of the place, but she's insisting I go with her. I really hope lightening doesn't strike the building as I enter...

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