Last night we went trick or treatin'. Me, the kid and Reggie. They had costumes on. I was just there for the fresh air and exercise.

Man, the air was fresh too. Crisp, clean, wet... It sprinkled while we were out, and about an hour after we got back, it poured ass rain for about 20 minutes. Woo Hoo! Just enough to clean the dust off of everything.

Today we're going past the vets office to get some Advantage for the pets. Two out of the three of them sleep with me, and I can't stand all the scratching. I feel like one of those medeval serfs, sleeping with barnyard animals and waking up with lice and such.

Afterwards, its off to the opticians office. The kid is getting some contact lenses today. About time too. Her glasses are out of date, and too tight. She hasn't had vision coverage for about a year, but as of today - she's on MY insurance policy. Between the contacts and her upcoming MRI - my insurance company is going to feel the burn.

You know - all you have to do is yell at your doctor ONE time, and he or she will phone you every day. "How are you today?" "Just wanted to give you an update..." It's amazing, really, what a little hollering can do.

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