Yes, I was delusional last night. the Johnny Cash album I purchased - at full retail, I might add - "American IV, The Man Comes Around" was not the greatest album ever recorded in the history of music.

Not even close.

"Hurt" is still awesome though.


This morning, my kitty, Malcolm-X, was fussing with his nether regions and crying and trying to use the litter box with no success.

I figured he had a bladder infection, since he's had one before and acted in a similar manner. So, we bundled him up in his carrier and I took him to the vet's after dropping the kid off at school.

Turns out, it wasn't a bladder infection. Nope. Apparently, my kitty was mucho constipated... He left a Gigantic poop in the carrier. I swear, I thought the dog had done it! Vet said he checked out a-okay. Mal seemed quite relieved, poor thing. Looks like I'm going to have to slip some All-Bran into his kibble.


I'm calling the insurance company at lunch to find out exactly what their logic is in making us wait over a week for approval of this MRI. Asshats.

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