Yesterday it was just me and my dour boss. The other Admin took the day off. Half way through the day, when my only challenge had been attaching labels to Pendaflex folders, and three-hole-punching correspondence, I went to him, and asked him if he was holding back on giving me stuff to do because he thought I couldn't do it. He assured me that was not the case, just that he'd been in back-to-back meetings and hadn't gotten to anything yet.

After lunch, the work piled on! Woo Hoo! Not only did I do work for MY boss, he had the CFO give me a project too.

Near 5 p.m. he called me into his office to tell me he thought I was doing a "great" job, and not to worry if he didn't have things for me all the time. He said he'd already told the CFO and the head of Sales that I love to work, and if they had things they needed doing, to ask me. If I had time, I could help out...

So yeah. Making myself useful at the new company. Really happy to do that. Especially after receiving my first BIG-ASSED PAYCHECK. I want one of those EVERY week! Now I know why they employees of my new company have such a reputation around the neighborhood. Seems they think they're "all that" and everyone wears the company colors and logos, and stickers on their cars. THEY LIKE THE COMPANY! THEY LIKE THE MONEY! THEY'RE PROUD! What an amazing concept, coming from where I used to work. Some days, it feels like an alternate universe.


On the home front, things are - well - different.

The kid is engaging with her therapist in "exposure therapy" for her OCD. This involves me, as she's been instructed to verbalize her obsessive thoughts to me, until they become less shocking to her, and she can somehow get her brain un-stuck from its current groove. This isn't really a problem for me - listening - except the kid's obsession has something to do with me - and S.E.X.... Errrrgh. So, while I'm watching Survivor, and whatnot, she's sitting at the end of the sofa, spewing forth the most obscene, pornographic, foul language and requests. It's like living with Linda Blair in The Exorcist! I only half-listen, because - frankly, if I paid too close of attention, I'd surely run-amok. Hopefully, she'll graduate to something new (and NOT involving ME) soon.

My life is just so goddamned WEIRD!

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