Nope. I haven't died or anything. But it has been a while since I updated this diary thing...

I bought new furniture. Well, a sofa and chair - and they're not exactly "new" - just new to me. I got them where I get all my furniture. A furniture place where they rent furniture, and then sell the previously rented stuff. I've gotten really nice stuff for a song. My new sofa and chair are gorgeous! And big. And comfy. They really make me feel like a grown up.

There is just one small problem. They smell sort of - er - dusty. Make that dust and Febreeze.... I sure hope they didn't rent the sofa to an old lady who died while lying on the thing. I've had the dog sitting on the sofa all night. At least if it smells like dog-ass, I'll know where the smell came from!

We also reconfigured the dining room office/craft room. Now it actually IS an office/craft room. Not even a pretense of a dining area.

Other than that, the life of this Milkmaid is pretty uninspired. The job is fine. The home life is fine (or as fine as it can be living with a loon). This next weekend, the kid and I are going to ride the rails! We're taking the Metro from our neighborhood, all the way through the city of Los Angeles, to Universal City. We're going to stop at certain locations along the route and get on trains as the come along. When we're finished having fun, we'll just hop back on the train and come home.

We'll be just like Hobos!

(Oh, and this past Sunday's episode of Queer as Folk RAWKED! I nearly forgot I was watching a craptastic show! Who knew?)

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