I must have completely lost my mind. Or, I've suddenly become sane.

At any rate, a calm has overtaken me, and I can't seem to shake it.

I've decided to stop caring whether my boss likes the quality of my work. I simply don't care. He either likes it, or he doesn't. And if he doesn't - he can fire my ass, and I can go on welfare and apply for medicaid and bum around relaxing and such.

I'll move out of this high-priced neighborhood and into a more colorful locale where the rents are cheap and other salt of the earth types will reside. We'll hang out watching soap operas during the day instead of being gainfully employed by people who may or may not like the quality of our work.

I'll dump the GEO and take to riding public transportation.

I'll declare bankruptcy and skip out on those bastard credit card people...

See? There are always bright futures for the calm.

But of course - dammit, he probably likes the quality of my work.


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