Even though it has been raining, and for my neck of the woods - FREEZIN'ASS COLD (50's anyone?) - yesterday was Little League field clean up day! As soon as the rain stopped, there were daddies and sons painting the bleachers (blue this year instead of the normal green), adding red clay to the baseline, hanging sponsor ad signs to the fence - I can't wait for opening day!

Spring is coming! Trust me - you poor snowbound peeps!

It was so chilly yesterday morning, I made Reggie wear his turtle neck sweater. He was completely humiliated until he spied a chihuahua wearing a pink sweater...
My kidlet is re-employed!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO! She quit her job at the arts and crafts emporium about 6 weeks ago, and has been in a funk ever since. She had been on a few interviews - and even some call-backs, but something always went wrong. We worked on her interview technique (Try to find out what they want - and be that person always works). And she was hired on the spot by a very successful retail outlet - to work in their bed and bath department. So yesterday we went out and purchased some "Corporate Casual" type ensembles for her to wear.

I love it when my kid has a J.O.B. She's busy, happy, she has ready cash, I don't have to entertain her - and she's out of the house a lot so I can pretend I'm a not-a-care-in-the-world, single young gal about town. (Of course, I usually just come home and veg in front of the TV - but still - I love the fantasy).

Now, if she can just learn from her past mistakes and not act like a total nutjob at work - don't complain loudly about things - cry like a little baby -and generally be a big pain in the ass - she should do well at this job.

As for my job - I think I might just have the most job security I've ever had. I'm doing EVERYONE's fucking job! My gal pal is back on medical leave, for yet another surgery. This time 3 months gone. Did they hire a temp? Nope. They have me... Oh well, review and raise time is coming right after she gets back. I'm going to try and rock this gig so I get a LOT more money come June.

Gotta go.

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