What a week!

First - the new car. I posted previously about the purchase, but I haven't gotten back here to write about the day after the purchase...

I had a major freak-out in the middle of the night about what I had just done. You know, buying a car without crunching any numbers and whatnot. So, at two in the morning, I was wide eye'd and panicking. I lay in the dark, heart pounding, imagining all sorts of terrible events about to befall me... Although I wasn't making any noise, our dog, Reggie came padding in from the other room, to where I was sleeping, hopped up next to me and snuggled into the curve of my body with his back. He never does that. Weird how he could sense I needed a comforting snuggle. And boy, did that ever do the trick. I was able to calm down enough to do some head-crunching of numbers and figure out everything was going to work out if nothing catastrophic happened. So I managed to get about 2 hours of sleep that night.

Next day was jury duty. We sat in a small room for a few hours and then they let us go back to work. Jury duty is over. Boooo! I wanted to get on a murder trial at least!

Got back to work and there was a voicemail message from the finance douchebag guy at the auto dealership who, when I returned his call, informed me that the bank wanted an additional $600 added to the down payment I had reluctantly given them.

I couldn't even recognize the calm, unflappable me that answered him back! I stated that the $400 he got from me was all he was getting. That I had alternative funding of 100% of the loan I would prefer to use instead of the one he had gotten for me, and that he never should have sent me off the lot with a car and a signed contract if he was going to come back on me like that... He nearly choked and stuttered and told me he would contact his bank and get back to me. I was pretty pissed off.

Later, the sales person emailed me one of those boilerplate thank you's asking if my transaction with the dealership had been a "TEN"... I emailed her back and informed her that her finance department sucked and that maybe I'd see her later if I needed to return the car I had just puchased.

Twenty minutes later, my kid got a call from the finance douchebag guy telling her to let me know everything was okay. I also got a phone call yesterday from the sales lady, apologizing for the finance guy, and a note card to thank me for my business...
Last night, I did my first "volunteer" job at our local LGBT center. We watched a film on the large screen TV and ate popcorn and Milk Duds. It was so nice to sit, watching a film and eating Milk Duds and talking comfortably with a small group of gay folks... I simply made myself at home, and I don't normally feel at home anywhere.

An 83 year old lesbian became smitten with me. I guess I've found my target audience...

I'm also working the center's booth at the local Pride Festival weekend after next.

I'm not going to question myself at this point. I've decided that if things I do feel good, right and natural, then that's how I'm going to roll.
And finally - Last weekend, I watched an Oprah I recorded with Dr. Oz, who recommended like, 5 things you should add to your diet to make you live longer and feel better (I can't remember all 5, but some of the things are tomato sauce, garlic, raw nuts like almonds, and I think, olive oil). He also recommends avoiding any foods that contain "partially hydrogenated" anything as that stuff turns to a shortening-like substance in the arteries. And also, to avoid "high-fructose corn syrup" because manufacturers put that stuff in on purpose as high fructose corn syrup disrupts the body's ability to release a chemical that lets the brain know we are full... We over eat those foods that contain high fructose corn syrup.


This week, I've watched for those products in my food. Otherwise, I've eaten normally.

I lost 4 pounds in ONE WEEK!

If this keeps up, I may be of interest to the 65 year old lesbians soon!

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