My take on the latest administration hi-jinx - you know, raiding the congressman's office illegally and whatnot:

I think it was a message to the other house members. I think it was like - extortion... It said, "either you play nice and confirm Hayden as head of the CIA - and stop your bitching about the immigration deal, and for chrissakes dummy up over impeachment proceedings, the NSA illegal wiretap program and the Iraq war - or we're going to raid your fucking offices too! We can do ANYTHING to you, because you sat on your fat asses for 6 years, accepting gifts and going on junkets with your lobbyists - while we put this regime together. Well, now, it's on. And you, Mr/Ms corrupt congressional rep and the American people are fucked.
Let this illegal raid of a congressman's office be a warning to you. You could be next..."

What else could have explained Carl Levin's hearty endorsement of that lying shit bag Hayden's nomination this morning? They must have a LOT on him.

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